Now enrolling in ASCENTÉ, the program for the woman who's ready to live a life she is obsessed with and elevate her business, success, sales, confidence, discipline and happiness.

It's not a quick fix, this is a transformative journey. An ascent. Let’s journey together.

I will help you rise up and take everything in your life HIGHER, so that you can do what it is you are here to do in this world.

The ASCENTÉ experience is for you if you are a woman who wants to elevate your CLARITY around your purpose, mission, desires, and identity…and the blueprint and strategies on how to actually achieve them!

You want to meet the woman you’ve always known you can become. You are ready to live as your highest self lives- to do what she does, to think how she thinks, to choose how she chooses, and to serve like she serves.

Your highest self knows you are meant for more. You have a killer work ethic and are ready for your next BIG breakthrough.

And you know what you WANT...
You want to eat healthy.
You want to be a world-class business woman.
You want to be present when you're with your family.
You want to be consistent online and grow your social media.
You want to be focused and not on your phone all day.
You want to meditate daily.
You want to be the woman who makes the sales calls.
You want to practice gratitude.
You want to feel connected to your higher power.
You want wealth and abundance.
You want regular date nights.
You want to be a regular at the gym.
You want to have fun.
You want it all.

You know you aren’t a gamble—you know you can bet on yourself. You are ready to invest in yourself and have everything you desire, once and for all. You know this is your time!


Join ASCENTÉ now!

No fluff here. The science and psychology of high performers. Endless strategy. The roadmap to emotional mastery and maturity. The exact methodology to become a more confident you. The exact strategies to getting more done in less time. The specific roadmap to showing up as your highest self in your relationships and having world class love, joy and friendships.

My superpower is the HOW.

ASCENTÉ is the roadmap.

Say yes to finding your way.

"HOW, Dr. Erin?"

HOW can I make the money I desire and stop running all of my decisions by my money first?”

HOW do I do it all…and do it all successfully?”

"HOW do I become a disciplined person? And HOW do I stay that way?"

HOW do I start actually feeling my day, instead of just going through the motions?”

HOW do I make the kind of income where I can order whatever I want off the menu without looking at the right hand column first?”

HOW can my income match my work ethic?”

"HOW do I find my motivation? HOW do I find my purpose on the planet?"

"HOW do I avoid burnout? I'm playing the long game here."

"HOW do I build a 6-figure business and have an awesome family life, at the same time?"

HOW long you can I this keep up? I’m afraid one of these days I might just totally burn out and crash.

"I know I need to be aligned. But HOW do I do it?"

But you wonder...

I understand achievement addiction. I was great at it until it wasn’t great for me. It left me spiritually bankrupt. With a hole in my soul. Emotionally exhausted and depressed.

What was missing for me is what’s missing for you. The inner work. The identity work. Because it’s not about how much you do—it’s about why you do it and who you are while you are doing it.

Maya Angelou said, “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”

Pushing, pleasing, perfecting, and proving will never work in the long run. They are only temporary fixes.

And it’s not your fault.

We live in a culture that promotes toxic positivity, tells us our production is inherently tied to our worth, and teaches us to look to external sources to define and find success.

I understand you...

Join ASCENTÉ now!

The higher life is waiting for you. The one where you get to have it all.

And it’s not magic.
It’s science.
And I geek out over it.

It’s time to rise.

You don’t need more balance.

You need…
  • more integration
  • more purpose
  • more passion
  • more significance
  • more rest

You don’t need more width, you need more depth.

You don’t need to do more, you need to be more aligned. With your highest identity. With your mission. With your higher power. With the highest calling over your life.

You don’t need more strategies (although I have a lifetime supply of these that will help you) - you need more implementation. More emotional mastery. More self-trust and self-leadership.

You need the roadmap that leads you home to yourself. Every time. Directions back to your intuition and your wisest knowing.

Your internal GPS. Your North Star. It’s YOU. And I know how to help you get there.

You know your greatest ROI is YOU. You know the wisest investment you could ever make is into your personal and professional development, your energy routines, your habits, your emotional intelligence, and your mindset.

You know that in order to grow a successful business you must go first. You know in order to lead others, you must first lead yourself.

Here's what I believe...

Your level of income and influence will never outgrow your level of self-mastery and self-identity.

Doing more doesn’t necessarily guarantee more success.

You don’t need more information, you need more integration.

You know that if you could have googled your way to happy, fit, and rich you would have by now! 

Here's what I know...

I'm ready to join ASCENTÉ!

The psychology of wealth: Grow your money mindset
The psychology of receiving and abundance
Train your brain to be a master at manifesting
Understand the psychology of your buyer/client
Get AMPED! A = Attract your ideal client
Get AMPED! M = Master your marketing and messaging
Get AMPED! P = Create your product(s), packaging, and pricing of your signature offer
Get AMPED! E = Enroll with ease (Dr. Erin’s award-winning 4-step sales process)
Get AMPED! D = Duplicate and scale

Elevate Your Income and Impact

Self-Mastery: She who leads herself
Leading Others: Vision casting and thought leadership
Visibility: Grow your influence on social media and beyond

Elevate Your Leadership

Get AMPED! A = Activated (Activate your ideal self)
Get AMPED! M = Motivated (Find your mission)
Get AMPED! P = Productive (Break up with busy and become a super producer)
Get AMPED! E = Energized (Develop world-class health and energy routines)
Get AMPED! D = Disciplined (Grow your confidence & keep the promises you make to yourself)
Momentum: Understand how to create it and keep it!
The Compound Effect: Master consistency and become world-class

Elevate Your Success Habits

The Psychology of Being YOU: Know your self-worth and identity
The Psychology of FEAR: Grow your confidence
The Psychology of Thinking: Manage your limiting beliefs
The Psychology of Goal-Setting: Find your WHY and understand how the world-class commit
The Psychology of Mission: Find your purpose and passion

Elevate Your Mindset

Last, but not least, you will gain access to ASCENTÉ’s weekly trainings.

Worksheets for each training to help you implement and integrate the information.

Private Facebook community where you can connect with other driven women, ask questions and share your wins to feel inspired and supported. 

Access to the membership portal where you can review all recorded live trainings. 

Weekly LIVE group trainings. 

Dr. Erin’s entire library of online paid masterclasses, valued at $7000! You get immediate access so you can start to make a return on your investment.

Here’s everything you get when you join the ASCENTÉ experience…

Think of me like your sherpa…leading the way.

For years I attempted to scale the mountain of achievement and success. Climbing towards perfectionism, the need for approval from others, fear of rejection. Proving, pleasing, perfecting, and performing my way up.

I was successful on the outside, and inside I was spiritually bankrupt. I had a hole in my soul. I had success with no self-respect. I had very little intimacy with my greatness, my humanity, my desires, my gifts. I was driven, but unfulfilled. Disciplined, but disconnected from who I really was.

I almost died on that mountain. And I came back down. I spent many hours studying and applying my knowledge, co-creating with my highest self. Together with my higher power, we birthed the woman who became aligned with her highest calling. I learned to turn my beautiful ambitions into daily practice, behaviors, habits and results. I created a "climber's manual", so to speak, so others could make their ascent into a world-class life.

The Higher Life was birthed.

And now I climb the mountain that was meant for me. And together we discover the mountain that YOU are meant to climb.

Together we make the ascent.

The key to climbing your own Mt. Everest, and rising to world class, is developing world class self-mastery.
  • World class productivity.
  • World class confidence.
  • World class motivation.
  • World class discipline.
  • World class joy.
  • World class energy.

I’m reaching for the heavens and doing all I can to raise others up with me.

Think of me as your Higher Life Sherpa.

Let's go--your mountain is calling you.

You are a success driven woman who is ready, coachable, and hungry to learn new ways of thinking.

You like fast and lasting results. You know you can hyperspeed your results by surrounding yourself with other driven women and the support of someone who has already achieved what you desire.

You are ready to take full responsibility for your thoughts and actions and are excited to see how clarity and alignment with your highest self can change the game!

The ASCENTÉ experience is for you if...

When you pay in full, we want to congratulate you for making an empowered decision, and you’ll receive a 90-min 1:1 VIP high performance coaching call (valued at $1500.00 USD) with Dr. Erin. 

Who Doesn't Love a Good Bonus???

6 Pay

6 monthly payments of
$650 USD 


Pay In Full 

One time payment of $3500 USD 
(you save $300 USD)

6 Month Program OPTION

12 Pay

12 monthly payments of
$550 USD 


Pay In Full 

One time payment of $6000 USD 
(you save $600 USD)

12 Month Program OPTION


"The doorway to success swings inward, not outward." ~Robin Sharma

VIP 6 Pay $1150/month

6 monthly payments of
$1150 USD 


VIP Full Pay  $6250

One time payment of $6250 USD 
(you save $650 USD)

6 Month VIP Program OPTION

VIP 12 Pay $1000/month

12 monthly payments of
$1000 USD 


VIP Full Pay $11,000

One time payment of $11,000 USD 
(you save $1000 USD)

12 Month VIP Program OPTION


Then you’re going to love this! Become an ASCENTÉ VIP for an additional $500 a month and receive a 1:1 business consultation session with me every month. This opportunity will allow you to take your business to the next level…at hyperspeed!

Are you the type of woman who loves being upgraded?