Dr. Erin is an elite expert in neuroscience, mindset, sales, influence, and the psychology of success.

Meet Dr. Erin


I am on mission to help people, like you, unlock yourself from all that doesn’t serve you. To understand the primary reasons you are blocking your dreams and how to fix it! I can teach the exact methods to thrive financially and emotionally, unlocking purpose and abundance in every area of your life. 


My  Story

I had a hole in my soul 

that I tried to fill with achievements, the opinions of others, food, alcohol, and overspending. 

My obsession with pleasing, perfecting, proving, and performing led me to great suffering. It led me to my emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial rock bottom. 

And it also led me here. 
To you. 
To this work.  

My greatest prayer has been, “God, don’t let me waste my suffering.” 

Once I learned how to change my own life, I decided to help others transform. 

Helping others find true happiness is not only my greatest gift, it is my greatest joy. 

Having done “the work”, I am now on mission to set the captives FREE--from unworthiness, self-doubt, and perfectionism.  

I believe you can have it all. 

I believe bliss is your birthright.

I believe abundance is chasing you. 

I believe your worthiness is not up for grabs.  

My hunch is the same is true for you.
I believe we can do many things well… 

Here are some of my greatest joys.

No one puts Dr. Erin in a box



Being a Wife

I tell our 3 kids every day, “Find your Garth.”
He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.
I like to say, “I got problems, but Garth ain’t one of them.”
We’ve been together for 25 years now. 
He’s my favorite human.


Being a Mom

Imagine your mom being a psychologist and motivational speaker!
That could be exhausting at times!
Grace, Emily and Zachary-the 3 joys of my life.


Being a Speaker

Most of my life I was terrified to share my opinion.
The goal in graduate school was to get me to talk.
I fainted while on internship because they called on me.
The fact that I am an international speaker still makes me laugh!
Speaking is my favorite—it’s like Disneyland for me.
I am proud to have trained at What’s App and Microsoft.
My 1-day live events are life-changing. 




Being a Psychologist

I always have been fascinated by you humans.
I had a successful private practice for 13 years.
After hitting my rock bottom, I healed myself.
I then wanted to become a coach.
I wanted to focus on possibility more than pathology.
8 years ago my therapist told me I could swear, 
and I’ve been doing it ever since! LOL. 



Being a Bodybuilder

I have learned that if you ever compete in a fitness competition,  you get to call yourself a bodybuilder for the rest of your life!
The gym saved my life 9 years ago. I started working out to stop “doing lines” of Oreos. I ended up falling in love with the new me. It treated my depression and anxiety.  We are a fit family-Grace is even a personal trainer. 



Being a CEO

I LOVE being an entrepreneur! 
I find my business to be the highest expression of myself. 
I only lasted several months in a 9 to 5. 
I will keep “creating epic shit for the rest of my life” (Snoop Dog).
I have been mentored by the best-Brendon Burchard, Ed Mylett, Melanie Ann Layer.



Being a Saleswoman

When I became the Saleswomen of the Year of Nevada, my kids said, "What do you sell?”
Selling is all about understanding human psychology.
For 6 years I said no to network marketing because I said, “I don’t sell, I help people!” like they were mutually exclusive categories. 
I believe selling is one of the most noble ways of serving others. 
Now I am in the top 0.01% of top recruiters and income earners in direct selling. 
I now lead a sales team of over 1,200 people in 1 of the 5 top global health and wellness companies in the world.
I think sales is sooo sexy! 



Being a Queen of Fun

I have a laugh that startles small children.
I think I’m pretty funny.
I work hard and play hard.
I like all things pop culture and car-dancing.

Queen of Fun


Being a Personal Development Junkie

I am obsessed with greatness! 
I am addicted to helping others have “a-ha” moments in their lives.

Personal Development Junkie

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