Dr. Erin is a highly sought after international speaker, podcast host, and speaking coach. She has inspired thousands with her high-energy events, trainings, and keynotes.

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Speaking Coaching

Are you a speaker, coach, creative, healer, team leader, consultant or executive who has a message or opportunity you want others to hear?

Do you want to make speaking a larger part of your income?

Do you want to grow your influence, income, and impact through speaking? 

If you are ready to step into your next level of greatness in your business, speaking is the single most effective skill you can learn. Whether you are speaking in person, or on the digital stage, knowing how to inspire people with your words, energy, and presence is the most powerful way to make an impact and move your message forward.  

Speaking can help you...

Gain instant credibility with your ideal clients and audience 

Grow your tribe of raving fans

Increase your email list 

Sell your offers  

Enroll your ideal clients 

Grow your empire and revenue 

Turn your social media into a never-ending lead magnet

When you hire me as your speaking coach you will…

Understand the science and psychology of speaking 

Create a signature speech that sells from any stage 

Receive my award-winning script to make any sales video, anytime, for anything! 

Design the signature offer you will sell from the stage

Understand the psychology of how to emotionally connect to your audience

Learn my 17-steps to creating a keynote presentation that can be delivered in person or virtually 

Produce powerful video content that has your ideal clients getting in line to work with you and asking for more 

Learn my proven system for booking speaking gigs whenever you desire 

Know how to generate multiple income streams from speaking 

Learn how to avoid the most common mistakes costing speakers clients and income 

Receive my proven system to execute your own 6-figure live event/retreats (virtual and in person) 

Learn how to make at least $600 from every 30-min talk you give! 

Let Dr. Erin teach you exactly how it’s done!

Hire Dr Erin

Hire Dr. Erin to speak! 

Dr. Erin is a highly sought-after international speaker and podcast host, inspiring thousands with her motivational and action-oriented keynotes, seminars, and events.

Dr. Erin is a successful professional speaker, high performance business and life coach, psychologist, award-winning sales trainer, and 5x #1 best-selling author. She helps driven entrepreneurs and teams grow their mindset, impact, and income. Dr. Erin shares useful tools, behavioral psychology, and practical steps to take your business, and life from good to GREAT!

After listening to Dr. Erin, you will leave feeling…

- Inspired
- Excited
- Enriched
- FULL of new information, practical strategies, and possibility! 

You won’t get a typical, boring, snooze-fest kind of talk from Dr. Erin! 

Dr. Erin’s client list includes:

American Businesswomen Association
Women’s Council of Realtors 
American Plastics Association 
American Marketing Association
Influential Women of Northern Nevada
Young Professionals Network 
Professional Saleswomen of Nevada
Arbonne International
Rotary International
Uforia Sciences 
Dress for Success 

Junior League 
Country Financial 
Commercial Real Estate Women of Northern Nevada 
Washoe County School District 
DigiGirlz Microsoft of Reno 
The Tapestry Network 
Tru Realty
Ideation Human Resources Consulting
Soroptomists of Nevada
Polka Dot Powerhouse
Chicks Connect

Coaching options

life coaching


Ready to learn about the science of high performance and the psychology of success?

First, what is high performance?  Learn how to live the AMPED life through Dr. Erin’s revolutionary and science-backed technology. The AMPED life is one where you are Activated, Motivated, Productive, Energized, and Disciplined.  You do what you say you’re going to do-you can count on yourself to keep the promises you make to yourself. You have confidence, passion, and purpose. You have energy, vibrancy, and enjoy beautiful health. Your relationships are meaningful and you feel present in your day. You break up with busy and feel productive and know how to create momentum in your life. You navigate life’s challenges with flow and dignity. You enjoy self-mastery and feel resilient.  

Dr. Erin’s coaching program is for those who are ready to get plugged into their purpose, turn up the volume of their passion, turn down the volume of their negative thinking and self-sabotaging behaviors, and supercharge their success. It’s not magic, it’s science.  The AMPED life is the life where you get to have it all.


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Coaching options

Business coaching

You’ll learn the strategies, skills, tools & techniques to make a living doing what you love.

We’ll discuss scientifically backed strategies to improve your mindset, and ultimately, your bottom line!

During our 1:1 business coaching with me you will understand how to successfully grow any business. It’s a big promise, but it’s simply knowing the code and unlocking the door to abundance.  

We will dive into the psychology of selling so you can enroll your ideal clients with ease, in a way that feels authentic to who you are without being salesy, spammy or having commission breath. I will share with you my proven and award-winning 4-step sales process, how to charge what you are worth, and the psychology of both buyers and sellers. So, you can engage in sales conversations that feel good and work. Get ready for ideal clients to get in line to work with you, saying, “Let me pay you now!” 

During this coaching package I will also share with you the proven methodology to radically train your brain for success. I promise you, you’ve never been taught mindset like this before.
Your brain can be your best business partner or it can be a dangerous neighborhood to hang out in! We will cover how to create real, proven, meaningful, and lasting BRAIN CHANGE through the 4-step technology called “Bless and Release.” This isn’t your typical “just think positive” or “feelings are liars” kind of coaching. Learn how to tell your fears what to do, instead of fear telling you what to do. Transform your psychology, transform your mindset and transform your business!

Last, we will dive into how to elevate your CONFIDENCE. Confidence is currency. You need confidence to influence others. You need influence to grow your sales, teams, and leadership.  

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Most requested talks...

The Top 3 Mindset Mistakes Costing You Money…and How To Avoid Them! 

You will learn…
1) The differences between employee and entrepreneur mindsets…and why they are important.

2) How to effectively challenge the limiting beliefs, fears, and overwhelm that entrepreneurs most commonly face.

3) How to use affirmations and positive self-talk to increase your influence, sales, and profits.

The Psychology of Success: 
3 Steps to Massive Business Growth

You will learn…
1) How to find your mission, get on mission, and stay on mission.

2) The psychological importance of finding your “why”.

3) The high-performance habits of highly successful people.

4) How to work smarter, not harder.

5) How to overcome fear, obstacles, and distractions so you can accomplish your goals.

“Dr. Erin was like the perfect mix of Ellen and Oprah! WOW! That’s all I can say!”


“Dr. Erin is an absolute joy to hear speak. She has this unparalleled ability to motivate and inspire others to see in themselves what has often been covered. Dr. Erin is a true powerhouse speaker with a mix of humor, realism, and vision.”


“Dr. Erin shares and teaches with passion, clarity and conviction. She empowers others to act. Dr. Erin’s humor and vivid examples make the lessons easy to remember and apply.”


“Dr. Erin speaks with so much passion, knowledge, and enthusiasm that you’ll leave her presentations wanting to be a better version of yourself. She gives you permission to dream bigger than you ever thought was possible.” 


“After hearing Dr. Erin I am renewed with passion and excitement. She speaks from the heart and she makes you want to lock arms with her and go wherever she is going. I’d follow her anywhere!”


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