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High Performance mentorship for driven entrepreneurs, leaders, teams, and CEOs. 

work with dr. erin 1:1

Dr. Erin coaches women worldwide, helping them break through their limiting beliefs and habits, creating meaningful change that lasts forever.  

Her unique training and expertise as a psychologist ensures that you receive the breakthrough and transformation you deserve, as fast as possible.

This is an opportunity to work with her privately and create a customized plan for your success. She works with a limited number of clients every year who are ready to claim the freedom, happiness, life and success they desire.  

1:1 coaching with Dr. Erin is a completely personalized, advanced level coaching experience. 

Discover your


Pick a card to be guided to your truth


Foundation, Grounding, Movement

Feeling disconnected or searching for a place to start your spiritual journey? It is no coincidence you’ve chosen this card. Yoga is the perfect foundation to embark on your path and learn to move intuitively. It’s time to connect. 

Discover your


Pick a card to be guided to your truth

Tap Into Your Gifts

Intuition, Vision, Faith

You’re naturally intuitive! You know you have been called to serve a higher purpose but may have been struggling to tap into those gifts. Trust yourself and know you are being guided to dive deeper and live a life of abundance.

Discover your


Pick a card to be guided to your truth


Transformation, Clarity, Freedom

Choosing this card symbolizes you are ready for a divine transformation. Deep down you know that some self care is long overdue. The universe is guiding you to connect fully! Mind, body, and spirit are ready to unite to give you the freedom you desire. 

As a Psychologist & 
Success Coach, Dr Erin’s clients receive the best of both worlds.

With 18 years of clinical experience as a psychologist, she is an expert in human behavior and change. Dr. Erin knows the science of success and the importance of mindset. Successful people think and act in certain ways. She takes pride in helping her clients improve their income, happiness, confidence, and health in the shortest amount of time possible.

If you want to take your business, happiness, or health to the next level you are in the right place! Partner with Dr. Erin and she will lock arms with you and help you achieve insane, silly, ridiculous levels of success, contentment, and joy. 

It’s her passion, her purpose, and her gift! Together you can IMPROVE your mindset – and IMPROVE your life!

If this speaks to you, and if you are ready to level up every area of your life, schedule a free discovery call with Dr. Erin.


Coaching options




Business Coaching

Life Coaching

Learn how to get plugged into your purpose, turn up the volume of your passion, turn down the volume of your negative thinking and self-sabotaging behaviors, and supercharge your success. It’s not magic, it’s science. 

Learn how to be in the top 5% of your profession without sacrificing what matters to you most including your family, relationships, spirituality, and health. 



Coaching options

life coaching


Plug into your purpose, increase your passion, decrease your negative thinking and self-sabotaging behaviors, and supercharge your confidence, purpose, joy, and happiness. 

First, what is high performance?  Learn how to live the AMPED life through Dr. Erin’s revolutionary and science-backed technology. The AMPED life is one where you are…

You do what you say you’re going to do.
You can count on yourself to keep the promises you make to yourself. 
You have confidence, passion, and purpose. 
You have energy, vibrancy, and enjoy beautiful health. 
Your relationships are meaningful and you feel present in your day. 
You break up with busy and feel productive.
You know how to create momentum in your life. 
You navigate life’s challenges with flow and dignity. 
You enjoy self-mastery and feel resilient.  

The AMPED life is the life where you get to have it all.


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Coaching options

Business coaching

Make a living doing what you love. 

Create a profitable business that impacts others. Get in the top 5% of your profession without sacrificing what matters most—your family, relationships, spirituality, and health. 

Learn the scientifically backed strategies to improve your mindset, and ultimately, your bottom line!

During 1:1 business coaching with me you will understand how to successfully grow any business. 
It’s a big promise, but once you understand the principles of success you can unlock the door to abundance.  

Dive into the psychology of selling so you can enroll your ideal clients with ease, in a way that feels authentic to who you are without being salesy, spammy or having commission breath. 
> Learn my proven and award-winning 4-step sales process.  
> Gain clarity on how to charge what you are worth, and understand the psychology of both buyers and sellers. 
> Learn how to lead sales conversations that feel good and work. 
> Get ready for ideal clients to get in line to work with you, saying, “Let me pay you now!” 
I will also share with you the proven methodology to radically train your brain for success. 
I promise you, you’ve never been taught mindset like this before.

Your brain can be your best business partner or it can be a dangerous neighborhood to hang out in! We will cover how to create real, proven, meaningful, and lasting BRAIN CHANGE through my unique methodology.
This isn’t your typical “just think positive” or “feelings are liars” kind of coaching. Learn how to tell your fears what to do, instead of fear telling you what to do. 
Transform your psychology.
Transform your mindset.
Transform your business!

Last, we will dive into how to elevate your CONFIDENCE in business.
Confidence is currency. 
As you grow your confidence, you will grow your influence.  
As you grow your influence, you will grow your leadership.
As you grow your leadership, you will grow your sales, teams, and income. 

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