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Pick a card to be guided to your truth


Foundation, Grounding, Movement

Feeling disconnected or searching for a place to start your spiritual journey? It is no coincidence you’ve chosen this card. Yoga is the perfect foundation to embark on your path and learn to move intuitively. It’s time to connect. 

Discover your


Pick a card to be guided to your truth

Tap Into Your Gifts

Intuition, Vision, Faith

You’re naturally intuitive! You know you have been called to serve a higher purpose but may have been struggling to tap into those gifts. Trust yourself and know you are being guided to dive deeper and live a life of abundance.

Discover your


Pick a card to be guided to your truth


Transformation, Clarity, Freedom

Choosing this card symbolizes you are ready for a divine transformation. Deep down you know that some self care is long overdue. The universe is guiding you to connect fully! Mind, body, and spirit are ready to unite to give you the freedom you desire. 

What you get

in this apprenticeship you will...

Create more freedom and less stress your life.

Get direct access to our advanced professional and personal development trainings with everything you need to build a profitable online business. 

Our proven success system is like the fast pass at Disney—getting you results faster, while having fun! 

IMAGINE....all of the puzzle pieces fitting perfectly together to create something incredible. 


all the details...

We offer thousands of products that you will both use and share with your network. Own your own high performance mall (it’s like being able to sell everything on Amazon getting paid every time someone shops from your online store), with 100s of different brands…truly something for everyone. 


Network marketing is out. Affiliate marketing is in. Amazon eliminated nearly 30% of network marketing brands, as companies simply did not innovate. We believe collaboration is the new competition. 86% of brands use affiliate marketing. With state-of-the-art technology, you will be the pioneer of a new hybrid model in the online space.


Finally get paid what you are worth! According to a third party, business for home, our company has the HIGHEST PAYING compensation plan in North America, paying out up to 85%!!!! 

Income Potential:

The most powerful duplication system in the direct selling industry is here!
TRUE duplication is finally here! You don’t have to be a professional marketer to get the results of one! We all know duplication comes from simplicity. It has never been easier, with our marketing app and technology…all for FREE. You have all of the marketing materials you need in the palm of your hands. Our app is helping people with average skills have above average results. If you can text people, or post on social media, or simply talk to people, you can grow your business.

Systems for Success:

We all know your business will never outgrow YOU. I always say, we know our brain can be our greatest business partner, or a dangerous neighborhood to hang out in.  
When you join our team, you will receive weekly mindset, leadership and sales training from me! It’s like getting a mindset expert, award-winning sales trainer, leadership coach, and business strategist all in one. PLUS you get the support and accountability of thousands of other team members wanting you to succeed! When you join our team, you receive my most advanced high-performance business and mindset trainings. I charge anywhere from $3-$15k for these coaching services outside of this business. Here you get them at no extra cost. 

Personal + Professional Development:

“I’ve dabbled in this industry for 20 years, but this is really the first time I’ve had the leadership that taught me about the industry and business principles to create the actual vision and be successful. Dr. Erin’s trainings are better than those I have paid thousands of dollars for. I am so grateful to learn from her and know I will be a millionaire philanthropist in my near future!” 

Anna Casale 

“Dr. Erin and Garth are true servant leaders. I have been in the network marketing space for over 30 years and have met thousands of leaders. They are the BEST I have ever worked with.” 

Mark Loo 

“I want to thank you, Dr Erin, for the way you have impacted and changed my life. I would have never done it without your coaching. I love the way you care about people. Thank you for your many contributions that have changed my life already and set me on a positive path for my business.” 


“Your weekly coaching and trainings have changed my life and my business. You are an incredible human, phenomenal leader, and I want to be like you when I grow up! I would follow you to the ends of the earth. I’m ready to be so successful!” 


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