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Welcome to your Higher Life

The Higher Life is where you are achieving the highest levels of success, financial abundance, health, meaningful relationships, confidence, and joy. 

Transform your Mind.

Transform Your Life.


I’m Dr. erin.


I’m obsessed with you being happy, joyous and free! 

I’m a psychologist, high performance success coach, CEO, author, speaker, sales and leadership trainer, podcast host, global team leader, health and wellness addict, lover of humans, and according to my clients, next-level thinker that can help you get whatever you want…fast. 

I’m here to help you understand the psychology of taking everything in your life to the next level-to go higher.  

I’m here to help you level up…

your confidence

your success

your mental toughness

your income, influence, and impact

your health, happiness, joy and relationships

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The Higher Life Podcast with Dr. Erin is going to help you understand the psychology of taking everything in your life to the next level-to go higher.  

Think of this podcast like the fast pass at Disney—It’s like the Disneyland of personal growth and business hacks.  

The greatest mentors don’t teach you what to DO-they teach you how to THINK. And they teach you how to BE.

The higher life is about rising up to the next level of yourself, your success, your income, and your impact. How high you rise will always be limited by your relationship with your worthiness, your mental toughness, and resilience. Taking your income, business, happiness, and health to the next level will always require you to think in a new way-a higher, more enlightened, more aware way. 

When you transform your mind, you will transform your life! 



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