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Join Dr. Erin for a 5-day masterclass in self-mastery.

What does it mean to live The Higher Life?

The higher life is where you get to have it all. All you have ever desired. On your terms. Defined by you. Created in alignment with your values and mission.

Elevate your…

Joy - Confidence - Motivation - Productivity – Energy –
Health - Discipline – Income – Impact

This is the class to take everything in your life higher!

“You don’t need to DO more.
You need to BE more aligned.”

-Dr. Erin

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Register NOW for $111 USD!

Being ALIGNED is the growth accelerator you’ve been looking for!

• World class productivity.
• World class confidence.
• World class motivation.
• World class discipline.
• World class joy.
• World class energy.

The key to climbing your own Mt. Everest, and rising to world class, is developing world class self-mastery.

• Why do some people seem to be so disciplined and get so much done?
• How can I break up with “being busy being busy” and instead, learn how to feel productive and alive?
• Why do some people seem to have more energy than others?
• How can I create an extraordinary body of work over my lifetime, without burning out?
• Why is it I keep trying and trying to achieve a certain goal, and always come up short?

Have you ever wondered...

Trust yourself to keep the promises you make to yourself


Become one of the most disciplined people you know 


Train your brain to have the mindset of a “super-producer”


Motivate yourself…once and for all


3x your productivity, without working more hours 


in this masterclass you will learn how to...

The key to self-mastery is ALIGNMENT.

When your BEING and your DOING are fully aligned, you become unstoppable.

You reach your dreams and goals.

You achieve flow state more regularly.

You give up “pushing” and “proving”, and instead feel as if your mission is PULLING you higher.

It’s glorious!!!

And I am so excited to teach you how in this 5-day masterclass!

The doorway to success swings inward, not outward.
-Robin Sharma

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