Self-mastery is built on elevating the following 4 pillars of high performance:

1) Mindset;
2) Health;
3) Emotional intelligence; and
4) Spirituality (or “soulset”)

This is the course where we explore the spiritual side of business.

Your level of income and influence will never rise any higher than your level of self-mastery and self-identity.

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  • Tapping into the most powerful version of yourself. Connecting to your most authentic, aligned, integrated self.
  • Running your business decisions by that version of you.
  • Accessing wisdom and direction, at any moment you desire.
  • Co-creating your next program or offer with the highest version of yourself.
  • Asking…and then receiving…answers to questions that have plagued you.
  • Knowing, once and for all, with crystal clear clarity, your purpose on the planet and your unique calling.
  • Hyperspeeding your results, income, and joy through learning how to connect with your highest self.


  • I believe your work is an expression of your highest self.
  • I believe your higher power is your superpower.
  • I believe spirituality is simply the relationship we have with our wisest selves. The part of us that is not limited by fear. The part of us that knows our worth.

Here's what I believe...

I invite you into a conversation exploring the limitless potentiality that exists when you co-create with your higher power in your highest calling. 

Asking God to enlarge your territory

Day #3

Co-creating a business with God as the CEO

Day #2

Your superpower is your higher power

Day #1

the following is the schedule for this masterclass:

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