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Introducing Dr. Erin's signature program...

How is it that some women seem to do it all?

They show up in the world with confidence, they are self-motivated, earn the money they deserve, take the family on vacations to beautiful tropical islands, are happy, enjoy great relationships, and somehow seem to get to the gym and spa more than anyone you know?

High performers think and act in certain ways.

It’s not magic…it’s science…and I geek out over it.

As a high performance expert and psychologist, I want to teach you the exact roadmap to having it all.

Your BIG dreams will require you to have BIG levels of self-mastery.

Live in alignment with WHO you say you want to be


Create the energy every day to show up for yourself, your family, and your business


Do what you say you are going to do


Have the confidence you desire to lead yourself 


Finally reach your goals


Get ready to
learn how to...

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5 pillars to having it all. 

I am going to take your through my proven A.M.P.E.D. technology where I share over 30 years of neuroscience and high performance research so you can start implementing these tools into your day to day routine and see immediate changes!

I’m ready to get AMPED!

I'm ready!


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