ASCENTÉ, The Higher Life Membership is a combination of a high performance membership, a group coaching program, a masterclass “master pass” to all of my courses, and a “masterclass meetup” (think ‘book club’ but for masterclasses).

I will help you rise up and take everything in your life HIGHER, so that you can do what it is you are here to do in this world…and more importantly, like YOU as you do it.

ASCENTÉ, The Higher Life Membership is for you if you are a woman who wants to elevate your CLARITY around your purpose, mission, desires, and identity…and learn the blueprint and strategies on how to actually achieve them!

You are ready to live as your highest self-to do what she does, think how she thinks, choose how she chooses, and serve like she serves. NOW.

Your highest self knows you are meant for more and you know it’s time to rise.

You are ready to ELEVATE your:
  • Self-mastery
  • Productivity
  • Happiness
  • Relationships
  • Confidence
  • Discipline
  • Spirituality
  • Energy/Health
  • Business/Sales
  • Influence/Impact
  • Wealth and abundance

You get instant access to my entire library of masterclasses (20 masterclasses valued at over $7000!).

Every month we focus on a theme related to you living the higher life.

Every month we focus on one of my incredible MASTERCLASSES.

Every month we meet 2 times!
  • 2nd Monday of every month: LIVE Q&A/coaching with Dr. Erin (ask her anything!)
  • Last Monday of every month: Masterclass Meetup: discuss masterclass of the month + LIVE Q&A/coaching with Dr. Erin (ask her anything!)
  • Monthly interviews with experts will be shared (times TBD)

Private Telegram chat

*join anytime, get immediate access to all masterclasses, cancel anytime

How Does the Membership work?

All this for $44/month!

*join any time, get immediate access to all masterclasses, cancel anytime

Masterclass: God Is My Guru
Masterclass: 7 Laws of Spiritual Success

Spiritual Success


Masterclass: Mind Your Own Business

Business Success


Masterclass: Selling on Social
Masterclass: She's So Clickable
Masterclass: $tory $elling



Masterclass: The Energy of Big Money
Fit, Free and Aligned 30-day health challenge



Masterclass: The Knowing
Masterclass: The Paradox



Masterclass: WORTH{Y}



Masterclass: HAPPY



Masterclass: Elevate



Masterclass: HABITS



Masterclass: The Exchange



Masterclass: ALIGNED



Masterclass: The Homecoming

New Year, MORE You



The Higher Life MEMBERSHIP

I understand achievement addiction. I was great at it until it wasn’t great for me. It left me spiritually bankrupt. With a hole in my soul. Emotionally exhausted and depressed.

What was missing for me is what’s missing for you. The inner work. The identity work. Because it’s not about how much you do—it’s about why you do it and who you are while you are doing it.

Maya Angelou said, “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”

Pushing, pleasing, perfecting, and proving will never work in the long run. They are only temporary fixes.

And it’s not your fault.

We live in a culture that promotes toxic positivity, tells us our production is inherently tied to our worth, and teaches us to look to external sources to define and find success.

I understand you...

Join the Membership!

You don’t need more balance.
You don't need more information.

You need…
  • more integration
  • more contemplation
  • more purpose
  • more passion
  • more significance
  • more rest
  • more community
  • more peace

You don’t need to do more, you need to be more aligned. With your highest identity. With your mission. With your higher power. With the highest calling over your life.

You need the roadmap that leads you home to yourself. Every time. Directions back to your intuition and your wisest knowing.

Your internal GPS. Your North Star. It’s YOU. And I know how to help you get there.

Here's what I believe...

Join the membership!

Worksheets for each training to help you implement and integrate the information.

Private Telegram chat where you can connect with other success-driven women. 

Access to the membership portal where you can access all masterclasses at your own pace. 

Monthly LIVE group coaching calls twice a month with Dr. Erin (Q&A, laser coaching, special guests). 

Dr. Erin’s entire library of online paid masterclasses, valued at $7000! You get immediate access and can cancel at any time.

What do I get when I join?

Think of me like your sherpa…leading the way.

The key to climbing your own Mt. Everest, and rising to world class, is developing world class self-mastery.
  • World class productivity.
  • World class confidence.
  • World class motivation.
  • World class discipline.
  • World class joy.
  • World class energy.

I’m reaching for the heavens and doing all I can to raise others up with me.

Let's go--your mountain is calling you.

Get ready to…
  • 10x your productivity, without working more hours.
  • Motivate yourself…once and for all.
  • Train your brain to have the mindset of a “super-producer”.
  • Become one of the most disciplined people you know.
  • Trust yourself to keep the promises you make to yourself.
  • Achieve flow state more regularly.
  • Give up “pushing” and “proving”, and instead feel as if your mission is PULLING you higher.

Join the membership!

"The doorway to success swings inward, not outward." ~Robin Sharma


$44 USD a month