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As a psychologist, my superpower is my ability to SEE others. To truly see them.
And in my sales masterclass, The EXCHANGE, I will show you how.

Sales is not just about skillset. It’s also not just a mindset.
It’s both. And you will learn both here with me.

When you really “see” humans, you can sell from a place of service.

When you really “see” humans, you get to help them at the highest level.

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Register NOW for $333 USD!

I will teach you these 4 skills and you will be able to sell anything, anytime you desire.

I believe wealth is not necessarily the amount of money in your bank account.
 Rather, true wealth is the ability to generate income when you desire.

With my sales system, you will find true wealth.

Whether you are face to face at a coffee date, connecting with new people on social media, sharing an Instagram reel or video, or selling from the stage, you will learn the psychology of persuasion and how to influence others to want to partner with you.

4 steps. Every time. Sales is sales.

Fall in love with WHO YOU ARE when you are selling.


Fall in love with what you are selling, and raise your confidence when you sell. 


Generate a never-ending supply of leads…all day every day. 


Sell in a way where your ideal clients will LOVE buying from YOU!


Enroll your ideal clients with ease...


in this masterclass you will learn how to...

I’m obsessed with helping you make money and sell more!

In The EXCHANGE I will give you my exact recipe for sales success.

I believe SALES is one of the most noble professions in the world.

The seller gets to serve at the highest level. The seller gets to provide an opportunity for the buyer to up-level their life in some way.

The buyer gets to invest in themself at the highest level. The buyer gets to up-level their skillset or worth.

Through the sale, both the seller and the buyer CHANGE their world.

When I see you, and you see me, the EXCHANGE occurs.

Sales cannot happen in isolation. Sales require an exchange between two.

And that’s where it gets giggly good!

When you learn my system, you will learn to love sales because you will be connecting with humans in the deepest, most fun, and powerful way!

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A bit about me...

For six years I put off starting my own business, saying, “I don’t sell, I help people!” like they were mutually exclusive categories. When I became the Professional Saleswoman of the Year in Nevada, my kids said, “What do you sell?” I realized selling is all about understanding human psychology. Turns out, those who want to help the most usually sell the most. Now I believe selling is one of the most noble, and fun, professions in the world. I am in the top 0.01% of top income earners in my profession and I will show you how!